Is Seasonal RV Camping Right for You?

Seasonal camping is when you reserve a campsite for an extended period of time (i.e., an entire camping season) and can come and go as you please. Think of it as a seasonal vacation home on wheels. Most northern campgrounds are open from April to October due to the changing seasons – we at Lake George Campsites are open from May 1 through October 15. Head south, and you’ll find campgrounds and RV resorts offering seasonal sites on a three-month, six-month, or year-round basis. Seasonal RV camping allows you to get away on your own schedule without the hassle of making reservations and packing up the camper. Not sure if having a seasonal spot is right for you and your family? Check out the benefits of seasonal RV camping that we’ve laid out below and see for yourself – preferably at our Lake George seasonal campsites!

You want to get away more often.

Rather than spending just one or two weeks away during the spring/summer, stretch that precious vacation time out across a season full of long weekends. Seasonal camping makes it easy to escape at a moment’s notice. Your RV is quite literally parked and waiting for you – all you need to show up with is yourselves…and maybe some groceries. Plus, not having to leave early on Sunday morning is a huge bonus since there are no check-out times when you are a seasonal camper. Feel free to sleep in, have a slow Sunday morning and enjoy your cup of coffee before you head back home. Additionally, you have built-in plans for holiday weekends like the Fourth of July and Labor Day and for any major events and happenings in the area where the campground is located.


You like the comforts of home when on vacation.

Today’s campgrounds have transformed the concept of roughing it that so many associate with camping. Many RV parks provide electrical, water, and sewer hookups, as well as cable TV and WiFi. So, you can catch the football game and stay in touch with your friends on Instagram while you’re camping…although sometimes it’s nice to disconnect for a few days. Most campgrounds have on-site amenities such as swimming pools, recreation centers or game rooms, and laundry facilities. And you can decorate the interior of your RV however you want to truly make it feel like home.

You have a limited travel budget.

Seasonal RV camping is an affordable vacation option for those who like to camp. Seasonal rates vary by the campsite but typically range from $2,000 – $5,000 per season. Keep in mind that this includes all of the amenities that the campground has to offer like swimming pools, playgrounds, outdoor activities, fire pits, grills, shower houses, etc. Most hotels cost a few hundred dollars per night, so a few thousand for several months of accommodations is a much more affordable option.

You like the idea of limiting campsite setup and tear-down.

Weekend getaways become even shorter when you factor in all of the preparation and cleanup. When you have a seasonal RV site, you just have to set it up once at the beginning of the season and break it down once at the end. No more arriving late at night trying to back in, hook up, and unpack – the hard part is already complete! When you arrive at your seasonal site, your camper is already parked, hooked up, opened up, and stocked. When heading home after a long weekend, simply lock up and go. Additionally, a seasonal campsite will help you avoid frequently driving a motorhome, which can often be stressful.

You hate packing…and unpacking.

Oftentimes you feel like you need another vacation after all the unpacking and getting reorganized from your vacation. Having a seasonal campsite means no packing and unpacking! Most campgrounds even have laundry facilities there that you can utilize (we do at Lake George Campsites) so you don’t even need to bring home laundry to do after an extended stay.


You want to make new friends and long-lasting connections.

Many campgrounds that offer seasonal camping have a tight-knit community of seasonals who return year after year. Some of our seasonal campers at Lake George Campsites have been camping with us every season for the last 10+ years! Campgrounds are social places, and many seasonal RVers love the community that develops around them. Everyone is there to get away, enjoy nature, and have a good time. Chances are you’ll always find someone who is up for a cookout or game of cornhole. And if you have children, they can make friends with the other children on site. What could be better than your kids spending time outdoors making new friends?

If you are looking for seasonal campgrounds in the Adirondacks, Lake George Campsites is among some of the best seasonal campsites in Lake George, NY. The campground consists of 19 well-maintained cabins, 250 RV sites, and tent sites, and all the amenities you need for a successful family camping experience. Book your 2023 stay today, whether it’s a long-term stay or just a few nights! We open back up for the season in mid-May.