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Why You Should Narrow Your Search for Adirondack Campsites & Upstate NY Camping to This Private Campground Close to Lake George

Whether you’re a seasoned camper or you’re looking to get into the activity for the first time, many who live in New York City, New Jersey, Western Massachusetts, or elsewhere in the Northeast search for campgrounds in Upstate New York, or Adirondack campsites.

Just what is “Upstate New York camping” and what makes the Adirondack region special? Just as with real estate, camping is all about location, location, location.

Lake George Campsites: Private Adirondack Camping At Its Best

Below, we break down different types of camping in Upstate NY/the Adirondacks, and lay out the benefits of going with us here at Lake George Campsites, a private campground close to Lake George.

Upstate New York or Adirondack Camping: What Does That Mean?


New Yorkers love their camping!

While some consider Upstate New York to be anything other than New York City and Long Island, others maintain that Upstate encompasses the Hudson Valley region, Capital Region, and points north.

Syracuse, Utica, and the Finger Lakes region would be Central New York, and Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Western New York. Binghamton, near the Pennsylvania border, could be considered Upstate or even Downstate, or part of the Southern Tier.

Wherever you may draw the imaginary “upstate” lines, those itching to escape the confines of the big city, or to find somewhere drivable where they can get back to nature, look to Upstate New York, northern New York, and the Adirondacks.

The 6-Million Adirondack Park Is At Your Fingertips


View from Big Slide Mountain, just about 1 hour from Lake George.

The Adirondack Park is undoubtedly in Upstate New York, and offers northern New York camping at its finest. The main reasons people seek a camping experience in the Adirondacks are:

  • To spend time in nature
  • To take advantage of over 2,000 miles of hiking trails
  • To enjoy kayaking/boating/fishing on over 3,000 miles of lakes, ponds, and rivers
  • To try unique activities like whitewater rafting, hot air balloon rides, scenic float plane rides, or rail biking

Lake George is one of the most desirable places to visit in the Adirondacks, in part because it sits at the foothills of the Park. All that nature and backcountry is within driving distance, and yet you’re also close to shopping, restaurants, and conveniences and comforts like hospitals and grocery stores.

Types of Camping in Lake George & The Adirondacks

image split in three with tent, rv, and cabin camping

We offer tent camping, RV camping, and cabin camping.

When you think of Adirondack camping you may be picturing primitive camping out in the wilderness. Indeed, there are many great places to camp in the Adirondack backcountry, but one cannot just pitch a tent anywhere.

If you’re backcountry camping, you’ll need to know where you are and are not allowed to set up a tent; camping is prohibited within 150 feet of any road, trail, spring, stream, or other body of water unless otherwise designated by a “camp here” disk, for instance.

Camping in primitive areas is also restricted in Wildlife Management Areas and a few other places. Plus, you’ll need to know the rules regarding campfires, bear canisters, how to bury your own waste, and more.

Want to camp somewhere with access to restrooms instead? Many do! If this is you, you may want to consider a state campground. And if you want even more perks, like a pool and laundry facilities, then you’ll want to look into private campgrounds in Upstate NY or the Adirondacks.

The Advantages of a Private Campground in Lake George (And Cabin Camping!)


Our Iroquois Cottage features a spacious open living area and fully equipped kitchen.

Those who aren’t seeking a backcountry camping experience may be looking for campgrounds with cabins in Upstate NY. Having an entire cabin or cottage with kitchen and bathroom facilities is a major advantage of camping with us at Lake George Campsites. Plus, two of the cabins are pet-friendly.

Camping cabins in Upstate New York don’t get better than the cottages we offer here at Lake George Campsites! Choose from units that have a kitchenette or full kitchen, a screened-in porch or deck, or even a fireplace – that’s in addition to the strategically placed fire pits and picnic tables close to the cabins.

Even if you’re opting for one of our RV or tent camping sites, you’ll still have access to clean restrooms, as well as our pool, laundry facilities, game room, and more amenities at our private campground.

Perks to staying at our amenity-filled campground in Queensbury, close to Lake George: We’re 10 minutes from both Lake George Village and downtown Glens Falls, and we’re just down the road from Six Flags Great Escape and within walking distance of Northway Brewing, The Fun Spot, and Adventure Family Fun Center.

Set Up Your Adirondack Camp at Lake George Campsites


We’re open through October 15, 2022, with the 2023 season starting on May 6.

Are you confident yet to end your search for campgrounds in Upstate New York, and to plan an Adirondack-style camping trip with us at Lake George Campsites? Check out our accommodations, browse nearby attractions, and then book today!