Thinking of Buying an RV? Read This First: 6 RV Camping Myths Debunked

Curious about the RV lifestyle, but concerned you’ll need to spend months on end on the road, or that you won’t be able to leave a campsite once you’re parked? Get a rundown of some common RV camping misconceptions below, and find out what’s special about RV campgrounds in Lake George, NY.

1) RV Camping Is Only for Retired/Elderly Individuals

RV camping: It’s not just for your grandparents anymore! RV camping these days often includes the entire family, kids and all, and sometimes pets. (Yes, we are a Lake George campground that is pet-friendly, and you can find more info on bringing your pet in our FAQ.)

Especially when you choose a family-style campground like Lake George Campsites that includes amenities like a game room and a swimming pool, there’s fun for everyone. Plus, campgrounds like ours include laundry facilities – something most RV campers don’t have.

That being said, RV camping is still for the older generation as well. Even if they know how to pitch a tent, start a fire, and are otherwise seasoned campers, many older folks find that at this point in their long life they’d rather take advantage of basic amenities while camping, like a bed to sleep in instead of a sleeping bag. Indeed, comfortable camping can be appreciated by anyone of any age!


2) You Have to Essentially Live on the Road

Sure, many RV enthusiasts enjoy taking to the open road and spending months checking out various RV campgrounds in the Adirondacks – or wherever you may be traveling. And that’s great, for many! But a couple things to note:

For one, there are many seasonal campgrounds in the Adirondacks that offer long-term stays at a discounted rate, including us here at Lake George Campsites. We offer rates for the entire season, from the beginning of May to mid-October, or long-term stays at 30 days or more. So, you can RV camp in one location if that’s more convenient for you!

On the other hand, you may only want to camp for a long weekend, or maybe you’re escaping for a mid-week getaway. Many campers coming to Lake George for a weekend event opt to arrive during the week, for a four-day or five-day stay. You decide how much time you’d like to spend on the road.


3) Once at the Campsite, You’re Stuck There

You’ve maneuvered your large vehicle into the campground and set up camp. Now what? You’re in the middle of the Adirondacks with nothing to do but hike and nowhere to go but the mountains? Not so!

There are many options for towing a car behind the RV or the RV behind your vehicle. Check out a Towing Guide to find out the capacity of your vehicle, and opt to take your car or truck with you to the campground, so you can easily check out area attractions and activities.

Here at Lake George Campsites, we’re minutes away from theme parks, outlet shopping, whitewater rafting outfitters, museums, and much more that you can add on to any camping trip with us. Lake George Campsites is also located on the Lake George Trolley route with a stop just a short walk down the road outside The Great Escape. So you don’t even need to have a car to enjoy all that the Lake George area has to offer!

4) RVs Are Too Difficult to Drive & Require a Special License

While it’s certainly true that one needs to learn how to properly maneuver a vehicle as large as an RV, it’s not as tough as you may think.

You only need a Class B Non-Commercial License in New York State if the camper is more than 26,000 pounds; most RVs fall way under this mark. (Coming from out of New York? Check out RV license requirements by state.)

Get some miles behind you driving the RV before you embark on a road trip, practice in parking lots, and consider taking an RV driving class near you. And, give yourself plenty of room for turns!


5) You Need a Super Large RV to Ensure Comfort Camping

RVs don’t necessarily need to be 40-foot campers in order for you and your family to camp comfortably and responsibly. While large RVs with all the bells, whistles, and extra awnings have become popular in recent years, so have smaller campers as well – and all sizes in between.

A teardrop trailer is a budget-friendly, lightweight, small camper that can be easily towed behind most cars and is perfect for camping couples, or a couple with a small child. There are also truck campers that can easily fit into the bed of a truck, travel trailers, and many more options in addition to your Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes.

If you’re in the market for an RV and looking at sizes, consider how many people you’ll be traveling with, your budget for gas mileage, and must-have amenities for you, like a kitchenette.


6) There’s No Need for Proper Storage in the Winter

Chances are you aren’t going to be able to simply park your RV in your front lawn or driveway for the off season. You will need to plan ahead for proper storage during the winter months, to protect and extend the life of the vehicle, at least if you live here in the Northeast.

Indoor, climate-controlled storage is best, but can get pricey; if you do need to store outdoors, try to secure a covered storage area. RV covers are also a big help with protecting the RV from the elements.

Now you have an idea of the RV lifestyle and how to start to break down what to look for when shopping for RVs!

When you’re ready to hit the road and check out RVs parks in Lake George, keep in mind that Lake George Campsites is minutes from Six Flags Great Escape, Lake George Village, area hiking trails, and much more, for a truly memorable and activity-filled RV camping experience in the southern Adirondacks.

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