Lake George Campsites: RV Cleaning Guide

We have a number of guests who rent an RV site for the entire season at Lake George Campsites, making the Adirondack Region in Upstate New York their home base for the spring and summer months. With our upstate camping season quickly coming to an end (our season at Lake George Campsites typically runs from early May through mid-October), we want to share some tips on how to properly clean your RV Camper before putting it into storage for the winter. This will help extend the life of your RV so you and your family can keep coming back to Lake George Campsites, a top RV park near Lake George, NY, for many years to come!

Cleaning the Interior of Your RV

Once your RV is empty, it’s time to start the deep cleaning process. We suggest beginning with a good wipe-down of all the interior surfaces and fixtures. Don’t forget the insides of the cabinets and the interior of your fridge and freezer! We also recommend giving all of your appliances – microwave, stove, oven, etc. – a thorough wipe down. Be sure to use a disinfectant spray to get rid of any and all germs. We also suggest mopping all of the floors until the mop water runs clear (this might take 2 or 3 times).

After that, it’s time to clean out all of the air vents and filters. During the summer a lot of dust and debris can accumulate in your vents, which can be detrimental to your health and can trigger allergies. Although it takes an extra moment, removing the vent covers will allow you to vacuum and clean the air vents and dispose of food crumbs, dust bunnies, etc. that have gathered inside.

Don’t forget to tackle the bathroom! Be sure to give the shower and toilet a good scrub down to get rid of any mold or limescale build-up.

We also recommend cleaning your window screens. A horsehair vacuum attachment or compressed air can help clean your window screens in place without having to remove them. If you don’t have either, take your screens out and give them a good spray with a hose to get rid of any bugs and general dirt.

woman cleans interior of rv

Cleaning the Exterior of Your RV

Once the interior of your RV is spotless, it’s time to get to work on the exterior. Start by giving the roof a good sweep to get rid of any leaves, twigs and debris on top. Then, clean the outside with a sponge to wash off all that campground dirt and grime and make it shine. It’s fine to use a pressure washer on the exterior, but make sure to test it on a small area first so it doesn’t cause any damage. Take extra care of your awnings during the cleaning process and make sure you are gentle when scrubbing the material to keep it in excellent working condition for as long as possible. A gentle bleach is most likely fine to use, but don’t use a pressure washer on the awning as the material is too fragile. We also suggest applying a coat of waterproofing spray at the end of each season. For a finishing touch, you might also give your tires a quick clean with a tire cleaner to make them look new again.

We also recommend giving your freshwater tank a thorough flushing as it can make a big difference in your water quality. To do this, open up the valve and let your tank empty onto the ground. Then, run a clean hose to add water into your tank, letting it run out on the other side. This will help push through any minerals from hard water or debris. Use a special freshwater tank sanitizer as a final step and it will be as good as new.


man in red hoodie cleans outside of rvStart Planning for Next Season’s RV Adventures

Our seasonal campground in the Adirondacks features 250 camping and RV sites, located within walking distance of many popular Lake George attractions. Lake George Campsites offers seasonal, weekly, and daily rates. Those looking for campgrounds with RV hookups near Queensbury, NY will be happy to know that the majority of our RV sites include full hookups with 30-amp service; the Z Field and W sites have 50-amp. We have water/electric and can accommodate fifth wheels, motor homes, trailers, truck campers, vans, toy haulers, tent trailers, and hybrid campers.  On the campground property, you’ll find a dump station, propane, a dishwashing station, a dumpster, restrooms/showers (including an ADA-compliant bathroom), and laundry facilities for added convenience. We reopen for the 2023 season in early May.

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