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Passport America: What is it, and does it make sense for you and your family?

If you are an RV-er, you have likely heard of Passport America in your travels. You may have wondered what exactly it is and if it’s something worth investing in. Well, we are here to clear all of that up for you today!

Passport America is a discount membership club that provides half-price camping at a network of over 1,100 campgrounds and RV parks across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It is often referred to as “the original and world’s largest 50% discount camping club.” The annual fee is only $44 and provides members with discounted camping rates and access to an array of discounts on RV-related services such as mobile apps, RV insurance, extended warranties, roadside assistance, and more. Once you join, you will receive a personalized membership card that will allow you to use the discount at participating locations. Membership in Passport America covers one RV/one campsite at a time.

map showing all the Passport America participating campgrounds

You can request a Passport America information kit by mail here or join now on their website. The more years you sign up for, the more money you save.

Not every participating campground will grant the 50% discount at all times of the week or year. Some RV parks only allow the discount for a limited number of days. So, you may want to make a reservation for an entire week, but you’ll only get your Passport America discount for one or two nights and pay full price for the remainder of your stay. At other locations, you may have to stay for a specific length of time to qualify for the discount. So be sure to do your research ahead of time so there are no surprises when you arrive at the campground!

At Lake George Campsites, we do accept Passport America, Sunday – Thursday nights. Members receive 50% off the first night only (not valid during holidays). Book your site today!