Q&A with Fish307

Whether you are a fishing aficionado or a fishing novice, it’s worth a trip out to Fish307. They recently moved their storefront to 814 Goggins Road in Lake George and offer a wide selection of fishing, boating, camping, and outdoor supplies. They have everything from fishing reels to live bait to boat cleaners, coolers, dog treats, apparel, and more. They even offer classes in their new School of Fish Classroom (more on that below).

We sat down with owner Jeffrey Goldberg to discuss all things business and fishing!

Q: Tell us the quick history of Fish307 and how it all began…

A: FISH307.com started in 1992 as “Peace Pipe Bait & Tackle.” At that time, we owned the Peace Pipe Cottages in Bolton Landing, and we wanted to offer fishing equipment to our guests and to residents in the area.

As our fishing tackle business grew, we added deep-water trolling products and downriggers to our usual inventory of rods, reels, and bait. We also began offering downrigger repairs as well. To better reflect our products and services, we changed our name to “Peace Pipe Fishing Outfitters.”

Our loyal customer base also began to grow. We would receive orders from our customers when they were out of town because they trusted us for their fishing equipment needs. We needed a straightforward way for them to reach us, so we decided to get a toll-free phone number.

We wanted a number that would spell “FISH” (3474). The phone company conducted a search and found that the only number available with “FISH” in the numbers was 1-800-FISH307 (3474). We decided to take that new toll-free number. We also decided that FISH307 was a catchy business name, and the name FISH307 was created.

In the early 90s, the Internet was just starting to become a major factor in the retail world. As more and more orders reached us, we found we were mailing products all over the world.

The Peace Pipe Cottages were sold in 2002 as we made the decision to place our business focus solely on our fishing customers.

Since that time, we have moved locations three times, each store bigger than the last.

We have 31 years of experience in this business. We are proud to be a locally owned shop that has grown right in our community. We know our region, our people, and the fishing in this area. We are proud to employ about 15 local people, many of whom are current or former charter boat captains. We are proud to sponsor four local anglers as ‘Pro Staff.’ And we enjoy featuring many locally-made products as well.

Q: You recently opened a new, larger location to better serve your customer base. Tell us how that came to be and how it’s different from your previous locations.

A: Yes, we had an exciting change moving to 814 Goggins Road in Lake George (the former Adirondack Mountain Club building off Route 9N). After 12 years in our last building, our inventory and operations have grown exponentially. When the new building became available, we knew it was uniquely suited for us.

We have customers that live locally, and we welcome customers that come from a distance to fish in our beautiful waters. We are now about .5 miles off Exit 21 of the Northway, on the relatively low-traffic road, Route 9N.

We are also now 1.25 miles from the Queen of American Lakes, Lake George, and we are close to Lake Luzerne, Saratoga Lake, the Hudson River, and any number of the beautiful lakes and rivers in the Adirondacks.

Since we cater to customers enjoying the water, many customers visit us while towing their boats. This new location allows for easy in and out of trailering vehicles.

We have doubled our retail floor space, doubled our warehouse space, and doubled our office space, allowing the staff to continue their excellent work.

Part of our new space is a room called “The School of FISH” dedicated to teaching and sharing. We know that people want to learn more about fishing for the variety of species we have in the Northeast, like bass, trout, pike, walleye, and salmon. We have experts who share information not only about varied species but also teach about a variety of location techniques, like how to fish from shore, saltwater fishing, kayak fishing, and fly fishing. You can see what classes we have scheduled at www.FISH307.com/classes.

Q: As a campground, we have to ask about your camping supply offerings. What do you offer that campers just can’t live without?

A: We have been adding more outdoor equipment to our inventory each year. This year we have added tents, chairs, propane, knives, fire starters, stainless steel hiking cups, and possibly the most important piece of camping equipment: bug spray. We have products to help your campsite be less ‘buggy,’ special sprays to help your pooch stay bug-free, and other products to keep the biting insects at bay.

Q: Give us five tips for someone brand new to fishing.

A: #1. Our number one advice to all anglers is always the same, whether they are going out for that trophy, over-the-fireplace mounted catch, or they are showing the next generation how to drop a line in the water: remember, you are out there to HAVE FUN. Enjoyment is the main objective.

Speaking of the next generation, we have a nationally recognized program for kids called FISH307 JUNIOR ANGLER. Each week we feature an angler (under 15 years old) on our Facebook page. Whether they are pro-level or just dropping a worm on a hook out of their stroller, we recognize them, and they become an official “Junior Angler.” In addition to being Facebook famous, they also receive some special swag and artificial bait for their next tries. We have Junior Anglers all over the U.S.!

#2. Of course, we think you should shop at FISH307. We can help you find the best place to fish and the right gear…and we can tell you a few fish stories too!

#3. Regardless of the rod and reel you are using, whether it is brand new or it is one that has been passed down for generations, to be successful, you need FRESH LINE. Trust us on that one.

#4. Sharp hooks. A sharp hook allows you to catch the fish (not let them get off your line) and will allow you to release them easily.

#5. Use the right gear for the type of fishing you are doing. Sometimes you might be trying to catch a local fish and having no luck. It might be because you are using saltwater gear. If you visit FISH307, we can advise you as to the right gear and let you know if yours will work for what you are trying to catch.

Q: What are your favorite summer activities in the Lake George area?

A: We live here, so we love it here. Of course, we love to fish –  that’s an easy answer. All year round: open water in the warmer months and ice fishing in the winter.

We love to camp and especially enjoy the islands of Lake George. We also enjoy discovering locally-made products and eating at local restaurants. We believe it is important to spend money with local businesses, not in chain stores or restaurants. The local businesses help our economy thrive, employ local people, pay local taxes, and the profits stay local. It helps keep our area as strong as it is.

Q: You can only fish in one spot for the rest of your life. Where is it, and why?

A: Wow, with so many beautiful places in the Adirondacks, it’s hard to choose. But if I had to pick just one, I’d say Lake George. Not only did I grow up camping on Lake George with my family each summer, but I raised my kids here and grew my business here. That’s how I know that we have gorgeous, deep clean water, which has a wide variety of species in its depth and offers a variety of opportunities to feel that tug on my line and the thrill of landing another great catch.

Be sure to stop by Fish307 the next time you are in town! And if you are looking for accommodations for your next fishing or outdoor adventure in the Lake George area, look no further than Lake George Campsites. We’ve got cozy cottages, full hookup RV sites, and tent sites to accommodate every type of camper. Plus, we’ve got all the amenities you need for a memorable family vacation, and we are a pet-friendly campground. What are you waiting for? Book your stay now!

Photos provided by Fish307