Q&A with Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery

If you haven’t stopped by Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery in Queensbury, you should make it a priority to do so. They produce hand-crafted, high-quality spirits in a natural and innovative process. Their distillery is located just 5 miles from Lake George on 200 acres of land with fantastic mountain views. Outdoor seating is available to relax and view the stunning landscapes and wildlife.

We sat down with some of their staff to ask them about all things spirits, business, Lake George, and more!

Q: Tell us the quick history of Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery and how it all began…

A: One of the founders, Dave Bannon, was interested in making his own whiskey. At the same time, so was his son-in-law, Mike Forcier. As Dave continued to research making whiskey so they could continue to perfect the small batch system, he found that NY State, and many others, were relaxing laws and reducing the high costs of getting a Distiller’s Permit. Dave had the idea of starting a distillery in the old horse barn on his property, using locally sourced ingredients. He brought in Mike, Mike’s friend Tony DeSantis, brother-in-law Rod Klassovity, and friend Ken Rhone. The group had a diverse professional background from engineering to beer sales to running a business for 30 years, all of which were essential to starting up the business. The group worked on the business plan, perfected the recipes, renovated the barn, and we opened our doors two years later.

Q: How are your spirits connected to the local area?

A: We’re all from NY, live in NY, and want our products to represent that. If we can get something grown locally, we do. If there’s a local vendor we can work with, we do. We recognize that our neighbors are the ones who buy our products, so we want to support them as well.

Q: How do you come up with new flavors?

A: Sometimes, an idea is based on traditional flavors or techniques we want to try; sometimes, it’s based on something we read about that sounds interesting. Once we kick the idea around internally, we’ll do a pilot and see if it’s something we want to keep working on. When things have to age for a few years, it’s a slow and steady process.

Q: What is unique about Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery’s spirits?

A: The diversity of what we offer is one of our most unique features. We don’t expect anyone to like everything we make, but we hope to have at least one thing that will appeal to everyone. We understand that my favorite won’t be your favorite.

Q: Tell us all about your Memorial Day party on May 27th!

A: The Memorial Day party is always a blast. Our goal has always been to show our guests the best time possible. Over the years, it’s grown substantially. Pre-Covid, we estimated 600-700 people would pass through throughout the day. The pandemic certainly impacted us, but we hope to build the attendance back up. Craft cocktails, good food, and live music. What’s not to love?

Q: What are your favorite summer activities in the Lake George area?

A: There’s always something to do here between the natural beauty and the craft beverage scene. Hiking up one of the LG 12sters and cooling off with a refreshing beverage by the lake tops the list.

Q: You can only have one cocktail for the rest of your life. What is it, and why?

A: We love a Collins. Our gin and vodka are the perfect liquors for a refreshing, flavorful drink that is easy to enjoy year-round. Hopefully, it’s not cheating that it makes 2!

Be sure to stop by Springbrook Hollow Farm Distillery for a tour and a tasting the next time you are in town! Or visit them for their Memorial Day shindig on Saturday, May 27, from 12 – 6 PM. And if you are looking for accommodations in the Lake George area, we’ve got you covered at Lake George Campsites. With cozy cottages, full hookup RV sites, and tent sites, there’s something for every type of camper. Plus, we’ve got all the amenities you need for a memorable family vacation. Book your stay today.