The Best RV Camping Apps

These days it seems like there’s an app for just about everything, and RV camping is no exception. When planning out an RV camping trip near Lake George, NY or elsewhere, you want to be mindful of how to get to your destination, what to bring, and how much it will cost. We’ve compiled a list of the top RV camping apps that will help you navigate and make RV life much easier! Whether you are staying at an RV park in Upstate NY or Northern California, these apps will come in handy.


AllStays Camp & RV app is the #1 sold, ranked, and reviewed camping app. It’s the ultimate camping app that helps you find campgrounds (over 37,000), RV parks, and related services such as RV dealers, RV rental locations, rest areas, camping stores, and more. You can filter the map type to get exactly what you are searching for and even look up data by type, state, and city without cell service, which can come in extremely handy when traveling in no-service areas.

Looking for a nearby Walmart parking lot that allows overnight RV parking? AllStays has you covered. Looking for the highest-rated RV park near Lake George, NY? AllStays can do that. Looking for a truck stop with a dump station? AllStays is there to help.

For only $9.99, this app will quickly become essential to any RV enthusiast.

RV Parks and Campgrounds

The RV Parks and Campgrounds app was created to help people find the best RV parks. The app holds a list of more than 40,000 campgrounds in the US, Canada, and Mexico. You can sort campgrounds by rating and read reviews left by other campers. For example, if you wanted to look for RV campgrounds in Upstate, NY, you could easily filter through all the options and make a selection. 

The in-app map shows nearby landmarks such as gas stations, stores, and rest areas that may be important as you travel through unknown areas. Unlike many similar apps, RV Parks and Campgrounds uses a local database, so it is faster to load and provides more accurate information.

This app is completely free to download with no ads!


If you are a regular RV traveler, you are well aware that the cost of gas is a huge factor when budgeting for your annual RV excursions…enter GasBuddy. The GasBuddy app will not only direct you to the nearest gas station when you are out on the road in unfamiliar territory, but it will also provide you with information on the most affordable gas prices in your area. Those couple cents of savings per gallon of gas can add up quickly over the length of a long road trip!

The app is free to download and offers a free rewards card for users that gives you rewards as much as $.25 per gallon based on a points system. GasBuddy also offers a trip cost calculator that will help you estimate the cost of gas for your next trip. You simply enter your vehicle’s make and model and your trip destination details, and it will give you an estimate of how much money will be spent on gas alone.


Hipcamp is the app for the RVer looking for a unique experience and has been called “the Airbnb of RV park apps.” In searching for a place to park your RV, you can filter your results by hookups, vehicle length, and more to make sure the spot you select will suit your particular RV. Your unique stay could be on a working farm, someone’s personal property, at a marina, or at a standard, run-of-the-mill RV park.

Hipcamp is a free app but does require you to create an account to access all of its features.


FreeRoam is the app for the RVer looking to boondock and save some green with a free place to stay for a night. Typically free places to stay are Walmart or store parking lots (although not all stores allow this) or somewhere deep into a public piece of land or national park. FreeRoam lets you filter your search by things like cell phone reception, crowdedness, safety, and more so that you can select a place to stay that checks all of your boxes.

The app lets campers leave video reviews of their campsite so you can get a true feel for the area before you decide to book or not. FreeRoam is free to download.

RV Life

RV Life is like Google Maps, but specifically for RVers. It’s a GPS app that allows you to plan a customized route for your road trip based on the restrictions of your specific RV’s height, weight, and length. RV Life provides turn-by-turn directions and has audio navigation, so you can keep your eyes on the road where they belong!

It also incorporates real-time traffic updates when planning your route and has the ability to download offline maps. No need to worry about losing your directions if you enter a rural area with limited cell signal.

The app is not just a GPS app though; it also allows you to search its database of 20,000+ campgrounds and even filter by RV membership programs to help you find the best campground.

RV Life does come with a cost – it’s $49.99 a year to use, but in our opinion totally worth it if you have concerns about navigation limitations due to the size of your RV.


SpeedTest is a must-have app for any RVer who needs a reliable internet connection while they are on the road. Perhaps you work remotely from your RV occasionally, or your kids have to watch their favorite show on Netflix before bed at night. The app allows you to run a speed test when you get to your campsite and see whether you get decent download, upload, and ping speeds. Not only can it measure 5G coverage, but it also tests your network’s ability to stream video.

SpeedTest is free to download and available for both Android and iOS.

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