Tips for Lake George Camping With Dogs: RVs, Tents & Cottages

If Lake George family camping to you means the entire family – the furry ones and all – then check out pet-friendly camping near Lake George with us. We offer RV sites with full hookups, camping cabins, and tent camping sites near Lake George in our Queensbury, NY location. And, we welcome pets.

Check out tips for camping with dogs below, including RV travel and when you get to your campsite or cottage, and then plan accordingly for the ultimate camping trip at Lake George Campsites!

RV Camping With Dogs: On the Road & At the Campground

Most dogs can’t get enough of car rides, so chances are your pup will be comfortable and even thrilled to ride with you in the RV. The best way to gauge how they’ll do on a long road trip is to take them out in the RV for short trips first, and then build up from there with longer and longer trips.

It’s recommended to keep your dog crated while the RV is in motion, and to ensure the crate isn’t sliding around the vehicle. Some campers have even been able to build their dog’s crate into the RV space, under dining benches or a bed. You might even consider doing a trial run, spending the night together in the RV before you hit the road.

The dog should stay in the same vehicle as you when traveling; no animals or people should be riding in a vehicle being towed. Plan for regular breaks for water, food, and running around/playing with toys to exert energy.


Both when you’re on the road and at the campground, you’ll want to take into consideration the canine’s usual routine – they’re likely used to frequent walks and exercise in the backyard, so try to duplicate this as best as you can. You may even be able to find a nearby dog park where they can run around unleashed. One of the best things about campgrounds in the Lake George, NY area is that the unofficial Dog Beach and Dog Park are close by.

Once at the campground, be sure to obey the campground’s leash laws, pick up after your pup, and do your best to be a considerate neighbor for the other campers by keeping your dog under control. This goes for tent camping, too!

Dog-Friendly Tent Camping Near Lake George

We here at Lake George Campsites have 250 camping and RV sites, and if tent camping is your jam, you’ll want to bring one big enough for your pooch. Remember that even smaller dogs can take up a decent amount of space in a tent, especially if they’re used to sleeping with you.

We do require all pets to be leashed at all times on leashes no longer than six feet. But, even if the campground you’re staying at allows pets to be unleashed, it’s generally recommended to keep the animal leashed anyway. Dogs could wander into other campsites, encounter other animals, or could get lost.

As with RV camping, if your pup has never spent the night in a tent before, do a trial run at home beforehand.

Camping With the Dog in a Cozy Cottage


Two of our cottage rentals at Lake George Campsites are pet-friendly, 1 and 18, with one pet permitted per cabin. (Otherwise, there is a limit of two pets per campsite.) Although not as complex as RV camping or tent camping, there are still considerations for cabin camping with your dog.

Treat the cottage as you would with any other vacation rental – make sure to clean up after the pup, consider covering couches or beds with a blanket or towel to catch dog hair, and place their food and water bowl in an accessible, permanent (for the duration of your camping trip, at least) location for the dog.

As mentioned above, you’ll want to ensure your furry friend gets plenty of walks and exercise just as they would at home. Keeping the dog active and happy will help maintain their comfort and calmness when in the camping cabin, or other unfamiliar surroundings.

General Tips for Camping or Vacationing With Dogs


There are some general guidelines for camping with dogs in Lake George or elsewhere, regardless of the type of camping you’re partial to:

Vets & Vaccinations

Just in case there is an emergency, look up vets beforehand and know where you’ll go should the need arise. VCA Adirondack Animal Hospital in Queensbury is a great one to go to during their business hours. If you have a pet emergency after hours, try Northway Animal Emergency Clinic in Gansevoort.

Speaking of vets, we and most other campgrounds near Lake George require proof of rabies/distemper vaccinations along with a shot history.

Pet Essentials to Bring

In addition to their beloved toys and favorite food bowl (and dog food!), you’ll want an ID tag (bonus points if you get one that glows in the dark), a pet first aid kit, and pet cleaning supplies, should you need to use them.

Other items you may consider bringing include the crate, bedding, doggie bags, doggie wipes, and medication if applicable.

Bringing your dog’s treasured and familiar items that carry smells from home can make them much more comfortable when it comes time to be alone for a short period.

Plans for Leaving the Dog Alone

Decide what you’re doing with your pup when you venture out for non-dog-friendly activities. At Lake George Campsites, we do require the dog to be leashed at all times, and secured in the camping unit when you are not there; they can’t be left outside or in a dog pen.

Fortunately, we are near many pet-friendly restaurants, hiking trails, and more here in Lake George. You can find suggestions for where to bring your dog and more on our pet policies in the FAQ.

We hope you choose us for your Lake George pet-friendly campground destination!

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