Tips to Sleep Better While Camping

If you aren’t used to sleeping outdoors, it might be an adjustment. Many people find it hard to get comfortable and the sounds of nature to be distracting and stressful. Follow our tips below to ensure you still get your eight hours (of quality sleep) while at a campground!

Block out the noises of nature.

Chances are you will hear some noises while you are camping, especially if you are deep in the woods. To block out the animals, winds, crickets, etc., pack some earplugs. If you aren’t a fan of sleeping with earplugs in, consider a portable speaker to play music or a portable sound machine for white noise or soothing sounds.

Take measures to repel insects.

Pesky mosquitos and other insects can interfere with a good night’s sleep if you don’t take proper precautions to keep them away. Bring bug spray or essential oils, mosquito nets, and/or mosquito-repellent lanterns that you can set up around your tent. Try to sleep in clothing that covers your arms and legs to prevent getting bug bites while asleep.

Be strategic when choosing your campsite.

Where you set up your tent will absolutely impact your sleep. Read reviews or call the campground to help determine which campsite will work best for you. Avoid pitching your tent directly under a tree to ensure that no branches fall on you during the night. Consider picking a campsite that doesn’t have a ton of surrounding trees and brush that may make noise rustling at night.

It might be hard to determine when making a reservation, but try to pick a campsite that looks relatively flat. This will make getting comfortable for sleep a lot easier.

Ensure a comfortable temperature in your accommodations.

Check the forecast carefully before you embark on a camping trip so you can make sure you pack accordingly. Remember that it often cools off at night, even in the summer, so pack a few extra blankets and layers just in case. If necessary, do some jumping jacks or light movement to warm your body up before you crawl into your sleeping bag for the evening.

Pack a portable fan and a lightweight sleeping bag if you’re one to get hot in your sleep.

Test out your gear at home.

Try sleeping in your gear at home before your camping trip. There’s nothing worse than getting to your campsite, pitching your tent, and setting up your sleeping mat and bag, only to realize that the whole setup is terribly uncomfortable.

Expend energy during the daytime.

Camping comes with plenty of opportunities for physical activity, like hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, or just exploring the campground. Try to expend lots of energy during the daytime so you feel sleepy and ready for bed when the time comes.

Stick to your at-home bedtime routine.

It’s a good rule of thumb to stick to routines as much as possible while you are away from home, and bedtime routines are no exception. Try to go to sleep around the same time that you normally would.

Use the same toothpaste and facial products that you do at home. Interruptions to our regular nighttime pattern can cause disruptions in sleep. You can avoid this by going through as many steps of your regular bedtime routine and sleep schedule as possible at your campsite.

Keep necessary items close by.

Set aside things you may need during the night, such as phones, glasses, headlamps/flashlights, and water bottles, in an easy-to-access place. It’s also a good idea to keep your shoes at the ready in case you need to make a midnight bathroom trip or need to get up at night for any reason.

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