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14 Reasons to Stay at Our RV Campground in Upstate NY

With so many ways to camp and vacation in Upstate NY, it can be tough to narrow down what’s best for your family. Even if you already own an RV, how do you decide between different campgrounds or campsites? Boondocking or an RV park?

Check out our 14 reasons why you’ll love camping at an RV campground, especially here at Lake George Campsites, where we’re close to Lake George, the Adirondacks, Saratoga, and other upstate hotspots.

rv campers in a campground

1) Be Confident in What You’re Spending (No Hidden Fees!)

The first step to planning a camping or vacation trip is budgeting. You can look forward to no hidden fees with campgrounds like us, where we clearly break out our rates and answer all your questions before you arrive. No worries about receiving a hotel bill filled with surprises when you return home!

family around outdoor table does 4th of july crafts

2) Bring the Entire Family

It can be tough to get everyone on board for the same vacation. Not everyone wants to rough it in a tent or stay up all night playing card games. When you stay at an RV campground, older or younger campers can go to bed as needed while others gather around the campfire outside. Plus, RV parks like ours at Lake George Campsites are pet-friendly. You can truly bring everyone!

3) Take Comfort in the Security & Privacy of the Park

The Adirondacks are beautiful, but you won’t always have cell service. If you’re deciding on a private campground versus primitive camping, there’s nothing that compares to the sense of security that an RV park offers – especially if you’re traveling with children. You’re significantly less likely to find yourself in a vulnerable position with wild animals, and you’ll be able to call someone if you need to.

bikes on the back of an rv camper on the road

4) Pack However Much You Want

No one will be charging you extra for a second suitcase. You won’t have to rent a bike if you have one to bring (and we are near biking trails and other attractions!). Fill up that RV because it’s all coming with you. Have everything you need or desire, and always be prepared. Need packing tips? We’ve got you covered.

side of an rv on the road

5) Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Hate sitting in airports or being crammed in the car with those who are nearest and dearest to you? Have room to spread out, stop where you want, and truly enjoy the journey when you’re traveling by RV. The amazing campground is your destination, but you can be more comfortable and have the flexibility to go where you want when you’re en route.

view finder on top of propsect mountain, looking down at mountain and lake views

6) Get Ready for Great Views, Activities & More Close By

Your RV or camper is your ticket to a nature-and-activity-filled vacation. Literally park among the trees at one of our campsites (no giant, unfriendly parking lots for you!), and be super close to all that Upstate NY has to offer when it comes to outdoor recreation: hiking, boating, fishing, and more. We’re 15 minutes from Prospect Mountain, where you can see scenic mountain and lake views from hiking or driving up.

collage with kids playing together at a campground, last pic is part of an arcade

7) Chill Out With the Camping Community

One big advantage of RV camping at a private campground, as compared to roughing it in the woods, is the camaraderie among the community of campers. Your kids can meet and play with other kids, making use of our playgrounds, pool, arcade, and other amenities. We also offer weekend activities for kids and families to mingle during the in-season, like crafts, games, scavenger hunts, science experiments, DJ dance parties, movie nights, and more!

interior of rv camper with comfortable bedding and windows

8) Find Back to Nature Vibes Without Compromising on Comfort

This is arguably the biggest perk to RV camping: the comforts of home, plus everything you love about camping. If you can’t get enough of campfires, nature walks, and unplugging from electronics, but hate the idea of sleeping on the ground or burying your own waste, stay in your RV at a campground like Lake George Campsites. We have water, electricity, restrooms, showers, a dishwashing station, and a dump station.

water in a pot set over a campfire ready to boil

Photo credit: Alan Nudi

9) Save Money Cooking by Your Own Food (You’re Also Close to Restaurants)

Cook your own food over the campfire when you stay at an RV campground – it’s always a money-saver, particularly when you’re traveling with children. We have prime suggestions for camp snacks, and when you are ready to venture out, we’re close to many Lake George restaurants (including family-friendly places to eat). We also started Food Truck Saturday last season and plan to continue bringing food trucks to the campground again in 2024. Last year included favorites like Big D’s Meats BBQ and wood-fired pizza from The Extra Mile.

large camper rv by other campers and a car, there are tables and chairs set out

10) Have the Space to Invite Friends

Are you traveling with a big family or a large group? Hoping to invite guests for an evening of fun by the fire? Many RV campgrounds allow guests, including Lake George Campsites, where we welcome daytime visitors at an additional $8 per person per day. Overnight visitors are $12. You can find more info on our FAQ page. We love hosting family reunions and have several groups who have been coming to LGC for 10+ years for their annual family gathering!

closeup of smores with a bite taken out

11) Build Your Own Campfire & Roast Some S’mores

If you’re camping, you must have a campfire, and this is one of the best parts of staying at a campground as compared to a hotel room. S’mores and stories around the fire after a long day of hiking or exploring our corner of Upstate NY simply hits the spot. We will be continuing our “campfire & s’mores” tradition in 2024, where we all gather around the community firepit on Friday evenings from 6 – 8 PM to roast marshmallows and get to know one another.

rain drops on window

12) Stay Cozy Even in Unfavorable Weather

Weather happens, especially if you’re vacationing in the summer when thunderstorms might pass through the area. You can stay cozy and comfortable in your camper, safely parked at a campground, until the skies clear up. (Plus, there are plenty of rainy-day activities in the Lake George area.)

truck towing an rv camper on a road

13) Relish in the Flexibility to Go Wherever You Want

Bask in the freedom of the RV camping lifestyle. You have a sense of security and stability staying at the campground, with the flexibility to drive off to your next destination when you’re ready. You’re not at the mercy of someone else’s plans – you go where you wish.

kids roasting hot dogs over a fire14) Make Memories & Nourish Learning Opportunities With Your Kids

Camping is a prime time opportunity to introduce children to the great outdoors, as you point out constellations and dive into the building of and safety around campfires. There are even learning opportunities with board games you might play or nature walks you might take. Whatever it is you’re doing, you’re doing it together. And you don’t need to be all the way out in the backcountry to do it.

Stay right here with us at Lake George Campsites for your next family camping RV trip in Upstate NY. We offer that classic camping atmosphere that’s conducive to families or groups of friends, and we’re close to all the outdoor recreation, restaurants, and more that you might want to indulge in during your trip.

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